Bmw To Launch Tesla Model 3rivaling Ev By 2020

Posted on January 11, 2018 by Penni Scheider

Bmw To Launch Tesla Model 3rivaling Ev By 2020 4 -Bmw To Launch Tesla Model 3-rivaling Ev By 2020 - Drive Mag BMW is reportedly going to launch an all-electric version of its 4-Series GT five-door (3-Series GT replacement) in order to compete with Tesla’s upcoming Model 3. The model won’t therefore be part of BMW’s dedicated line of i eco models, so it shouldn’t be confused with the i5 model, as that will be a dedicated ground-up all-electric model. Bmw To Launch Tesla Model S Fighter In 2018 » Autoguide ... BMW is planning an range-extended electric vehicle to fight Tesla. Potentially called the i5 or i7, the car will arrive sometime around 2018 and be based on the new long-wheelbase 5 Series that is being built for China. Base pricing will start just below the Model S, though it will span up to about $125,000.

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